How to Explain Rummy App to Your Grandparents

Just the other day, I was snuggled in my cosy quilt, sipping hot coffee, munching roasted dry fruit, and playing Indian Rummy games on the rummy app. The winter having set in, and I, tired after a long working day, was unwinding in my favourite way. Just then, my elderly grandpa came and took his seat to have a chit-chat about daily affairs. It was our everyday ritual; just that – that day, he came in a bit earlier. I was just a step away from declaring and making a show….and, though unintentionally, I happened to ignore him for a few seconds!

Lo and Behold!

He noticed it, and began complaining like a child, “The weather being cold, I didn’t go for my evening walk today. And, none of my friends turned up for a gossip session over a cup of tea. I had been waiting for you, but looks like your mobile is more precious to you than your old grandpa!”

Familiarity Breeds Love

I quickly jumped out of my quilt and gave him a bear hug, at which his anger evaporated. But the trivial incident set me thinking. I empathised with my sweet progenitor, understood his predicament, and thought of introducing him to the rummy app – just as I had made him familiar with Facebook to help him locate and get in touch with long lost friends; not to mention WhatsApp too. I recalled that I had been pretty successful!

Time was Ripe for Another Pastime

It was more so because it was my adorable dadu who had taught me how to play the card-melding game of Indian Rummy in my childhood. Now, it was going to be the other way round, to some extent though. Besides, he still loved to play the physical version of the game with his cronies at the local club.

An Instant Hit

I picked up my mobile that I had kept aside, asked dadu to hold the phone, and joined a Points Rummy table. As I had downloaded the classy rummy app from, the interface was particularly appealing and easy-to-navigate. Though not tech-savvy, grandpa immediately took to the platform as a fish takes to water.

My Eureka Moment!

The vibrant table, the colourful cards, their easy handling with tapping on the screen, actually just every aspect caught his fancy, and this time, it was he who altogether forgot that I was also there. Nevertheless, I was all smiles, for I had achieved my task.

Grandpa’s Eureka Moment!

It was his very first game on the rummy app, in fact, on the virtual rummy tables. However, grandpa being an aficionado of rummy, won it within no time. He was over the moon. More than winning the game, it was a revelation that he no longer needed to look for interested players or place to play. He would not even have to wait for the weekend to take a rummy dip of bliss!

Winnings All the Way

Before I realized, grandpa did the rest for himself. As I told him that it was an app that he could easily download, he downloaded it without my help. He was ecstatic to grab the promotions to supplement the amount in his account, and elated to win cash prizes. He invited his real and FB friends also to relish the game on their smartphones…and got an amazing referral bonus of Rs 5K for each friend. The rummy app made his day, and needless to say, of many of his buddies too!

Is Any Explanation Necessary?

Grandparents of most of us have played rummy, and many of them still continue to engage in it in routine. The difference is just that they are well-versed with the physical game, and might not be aware of its online availability. But all that is set to change with the new-age rummy app – your grandparents are going to love it for all the services it brings to their fingertips!

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