3 Big Mistakes Made by Newbies in Rummy Game!

3 Big Mistakes Made by Newbies in Rummy Game!

Most of India’s population adore playing rummy, both offline and online. Specifically, in the case of Online Rummy, there has been a surge in the popularity of the game and the number of people getting registered to these online rummy portals. As the game is quite easy to learn, players find it easy to adapt with the game and get a hold on it. Many rummy websites offer both free and cash games and a hassle-free interface so that players can play and advance to become an expert rummy player. All reliable rummy websites insist its players to play responsibly on the tables. However, when new rummy players join the tables, they make a few mistakes that should be avoided to have a gratifying rummy experience.

Are you new to rummy? Aren’t you yet good at the game! It might be that you are continually committing certain mistakes in the game. Don’t worry, as you can improve by overcoming these mistakes and become a rummy pro. So, without wasting time, let’s just know what mistakes you should avoid while playing rummy:

Mistake #1 – The first and the foremost mistake that new rummy players make is by jumping straight to the cash tables. If you are new to rummy, we advise you to play rummy on the practice tables first, and when you become a confident player, make a switch to cash rummy. Numerous websites like Rummy Passion offer separate practice tables that are designed specifically for players who are new to the game or who want to play rummy just for fun. You can also join the tables and start learning the basics of rummy. Even if you are an existing player, but don’t play regularly, we recommend you to play practice games. This will help you keep a hold on the game and the gaming interface. Also, you can improve your speed of the game, and draw and discard with perfection.

Mistake #2 – The second mistake that new as well as existing rummy players make is making the wrong declaration in the game. It’s important to note that if you make a wrong declaration, your chances of winning the game becomes quite minimal, as you end up losing your game with 80 points. Such mistakes happen when you become casual with the game or either don’t know the game well. By being a little careful and constantly melding the cards in the right manner can help you stay away from such slip-ups. Even though you might be on the verge of winning, but if you aren’t careful, you can spoil your game and lose in one shot.

Mistake #3 – Lastly, never play rummy with emotions. Rummy involves the intellectual mind, logical thinking, and smart thinking power. Being a game of skill, you need to play rummy very wisely and should not leave any scope of mistake. While playing cash rummy, if you think that you are not having a rewarding time, stop the game, there itself. Never play rummy to take revenge from the opposite party or to chase your losses, as they might be more powerful than you and may make you lose money. Besides, also keep a track on the amount of money you spend, if playing for cash. There are players who keep spending money and later on face major setbacks, so set the limit.

In a Nutshell

These are the top 3 mistakes that new rummy players usually make at the time of playing rummy. If you too fall in the list of those players, these are the points that you should keep in mind and not repeat them again. Play responsibly, as this is what the game suggests. To make a difference in your gaming, you can join India’s most loved rummy website – Rummy Passion and play rummy online on the go. The website offers both Desktop/Laptop and a standalone rummy app to assist you playing rummy – on the go! So, get on the tables and make a difference in your game.

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