Is it possible to earn some money with my basic smartphone?

An additional source of income is always welcome, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. Finding a second job, or secondary source of income is quite a common occurrence these days, and you’ll be surprised to know that some people are working two to three jobs, spanning over 18 hours just to make ends meet. This often leads to over exhaustion, and with time, decreased productivity. Instead of going to two separate work places each day, some people make the intelligent choice of using technology to earn some extra bucks. All you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone in good working condition. Yes, it’s as simple as that! Don’t have one of the high-end smartphones? Don’t worry! Here are some ways you can easily earn money online with just your basic smartphone:

earn some money

Surveys & Reviews

Surveys and reviews are great to earn some additional cash through your smartphone. There are many websites as well as individual surveyors who offer cash simply to fill up a survey form. All you need is to answer some simple questions truthfully, which can be done with even the most basic of smartphones. Other than surveys, you can also earn money through reviews. Here you have lots of options to choose from, ranging from book reviews to movies, songs, hotels and even famous restaurants. In fact, some website also pay users to write good reviews for them, although this is not an ethical move, but, regardless, the practice of publishing paid reviews is followed by many businesses.

Sell your Old Stuff

The time of year’s most awaited celebrations is here. And you can make the best use of this occasion by killing two birds with one stone. Simply pick up your smartphone, download an app to sell old unwanted items and start selling. The extra income you get from selling old stuff is a good motivator to finish your Diwali cleaning as well as buying new stuff for yourself.

Make the best use of your Talent

Everyone has a hobby, but have you ever thought about making money out of your favourite past-time? Today, a lot of people out there who make the best use of technology and earn some extra money with their extra-curricular activities. If you love art, you can sell your paintings or any other creations for some extra cash, or if you have old college notes lying about, they are a good source of earning money. Selling the photographs you’ve clicked, or e-tutoring are some of the other ways to earn money simply by using your smartphone.

Playing Rummy

Most online games are supported on even the most basic of smartphones, online rummy being one of them. Playing rummy online is the easiest money to get some extra bucks in your account. If none of the above options work for you, then you have rummy to fall back on. Even if you’ve never played rummy before, Rummy Passion has numerous blogs and videos for you to learn the tips and tricks of rummy. And the best part is you can play anytime you are free, whether it is during commute, while you are waiting in the grocery queue, or even when you want a 5-minute diversion from your work. Plus, there’s no sort of discrimination too, because you get whatever you’ve won. Although, online rummy cannot equal your primary source of income, it’s a good source to win some extra money.


Technology has advanced to a new level today, such that there is an app to do almost everything. As you now know, there’s no need to venture far to earn some extra money, it can be done from the comfort of your home. So, now that you know how you can earn extra money by simply using your smartphone, why don’t you take out some time for your friends and family too. And, just in case you think you are not talented enough, then you can always turn to online rummy on Rummy Passion. Here, you not only learn to play the game efficiently, but also get to win some extra money by just playing during your free-time.

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