Why is Indian Rummy a Brain Game?

In today’s era of the gaming industry, there are ample games you can choose to play. However, the ones that seek attention along with skills are Sudoku, Chess, Crosswords, etc. The reason why several gaming enthusiasts acknowledge these games is that they grasp a lot of knowledge from them. And how can we forget Indian Rummy? The 13-card rummy game is accepted as a game of skills and is quite popular amid millions of people across India. However, a myth that keeps many people away from the game is that they think rummy involves more luck than skills. That isn’t true at all! To play rummy, you need to focus your mind on the game and have excellent analytical skills and the ability to make speedy and wise decisions. Most importantly, rummy is a game that is learned only through practice, so the more you practice, the better you will perform.

What Makes Indian Rummy a Brain Game?

13-card rummy is a game for 2 to 6 players.  One deck of cards is used on a 2-player table while two decks are needed on a 6-player table. A player has to pick and discard the cards in hand. Ultimately, each player on the table has to outwit the rival player/s by forming valid Sequences and/or Sets. The game may sound easy to you, but actually, it’s quite tricky and logical. You have to dedicate your time and mind to the game to win against your rival/s. This is why the game is known as a brain game. 

How Does Rummy Challenge Your Mind?

Rummy is undoubtedly a challenging game. How quickly you meld the cards in the minimum time, completely depends on you. Here’s how rummy – the game of skill will challenge your mind:

  • Challenge No.1 – You not only have to keep a check on your cards but at the same time, have to watch the opponents’ cards, i.e., what cards they are picking and discarding, and restrict the ones that they could need.

  • Challenge No.2 – Besides, mathematical skills are also involved in this game. For newbies, it might sound strange, but if we talk about experienced players, they leverage the theory of probability and act accordingly.

  • Challenge No.3 – There won’t be a fixed ‘plan of action’ in the game. So, each game you play will come with a different challenge. While playing each game against the same or new opponents, you will have to come up with a new strategy.

  • Challenge No.4 – “Patience is a virtue.” It goes true for the game of rummy as well. To play rummy, one needs to have a lot of patience, and taking impulsive decisions won’t work at all – it can cost you the game if playing for cash.

  • Challenger No.5 – Another challenging aspect of the game is that your game plan can alter any time during the game. So, as per the changing scenario, you need to mould yourself and come up with a new plan to smartly outwit your opponent/s in the game.

To Conclude

All the above points indicate that rummy is surely a brain game and one has to use a lot of grey matter to ace the game. So, if you are looking for a game that can give you some thrill and make you smarter, sharper, and at the same time improves your personality, Online Rummy is surely a game to choose. So, now that you know the benefits of this brain challenging game why not choose a reliable and responsible gaming site and get started? Some of the rummy sites do offer great rewards to their players. You too can play rummy and win big. Get set go!

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