Bad Cards in 13 Card Indian Rummy Game – What Next

You are seated at a table of 13 Card Indian Rummy Online. Card-distribution has been done. Just had a look at your hand and discovered that the cards are worthless? There is no Joker too! It would be a Herculean task to meld them, and so would be to win the game. Victory seems like a distant dream. You are at your wit’s end, knowing not what to do. If this is the case, have a look at the various rummy strategies to deal with such a predicament.

13 Card Indian Rummy Game

Indian Rummy is a Skill Game

Before we begin, we would like to remind you that rummy is a game of skill, and we often hear of game aficionados taking a leap of success or at least considerably reducing the burden of points despite being dealt a not-so-good hand. Read on to know how they play tactically towards achieving this aim.

Careful Monitoring of the Discard Section

It is the first and foremost thing you should do if you happen to get a bad hand. Keep a close watch on the cards being thrown away by your opponents, and pick them if you find them useful, i.e., if they can help you complete a meld in your hand. Some cards that might be junk for someone can prove fruitful for you.

Do Away with Your High-Value Cards

Another crucial measure is to get rid of the high-value cards you hold, i.e., Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces, as also number 10 cards. Every rummy player is familiar with the fact that if a rival player declares and wins the game, points of the remaining contestants are calculated based on their unmelded cards. Restrict your loss by giving up the big cards. However, you should also ascertain that your adversaries do not require them.

Meld Combinations from Your Middle Cards

So what if jokers are missing from your hand? It might be difficult to meld cards, but not impossible. As per rummy rules, two runs are mandatory, and one of them can be impure, i.e., formed using joker card(s). In the absence of joker, you have to strive for two pure runs. However, the silver lining in this cloud is that you can still go ahead with the game, albeit, it would be preferable to form melds with middle cards like 4 and 5. It would help to restrict your points.

Fishing and Baiting

Some players love to try out ingenious recipes to make their way ahead in the rummy game. They enjoy even their bad cards by creating hurdles in the path of others. They would deliberately discard such cards as to give wrong clues that they do not need particular cards or that they are on the verge of winning. It might make their rivals jittery, thereby propelling them to drop the game!

The Dropping Strategy

If your point-score is high, or if you feel perplexed – unable to devise any effective game strategy, and as such, do not want to pursue the game, you can opt for the Drop option. Dropping in the very first turn restricts your points to mere 20; dropping in any subsequent turn, but before someone declares, would keep your point-score at 40. It would be better than losing by 80 points.

The Crux of the Matter

The interesting game of rummy gives players not only bountiful entertainment and bright prospects to earn money online but also significant life-lessons. One of those lessons is to take everything in your stride and not get intimidated by anything. So, why get disheartened if you receive unworthy cards? Exercise your ingenuity and master the game. After all – A smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor!

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